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I am a firm believer of "Anyone can paint" school of thought only because I have seen the equivalent of 'two left feet' among my art groups master very complex techniques when no-one including themselves thought they could paint!

The secret to their success was the willingness to create and our teaching method where being fearless and adventurous while painting is encouraged. The rest falls in place with time and practice.

Over many years I have refined and developed these methods to enable beginner painters with 'two left-feet' find their creative voice, learn complex techniques, achieve sound results and use painting to find pleasure and leisure. With the changes in current scenario, I am now able to teach these easy and fun painting techniques to a global tribe of leisure painters through my online art academy.

So if you are someone who is looking for uncomplicated art courses that are fun to learn, easy to paint and sets you onto a path of self-discovery then you are in the right place.

The first two of our offerings cover colour-mixing and building healthy attitudes through art. Our future offerings will cover more mediums such as acrylics and water colours.

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Tired of complexities of learning to painting? Tired of Paintings that do not express how you feel about the subject? Do you want to loosen up and just paint for fun? If you've always wanted to uncover the mindsets and skills that will allow you to paint more expressively then you will enjoy the courses we offer at our academy! Develop the right mindsets that allow you to not only paint quickly but also achieve results minus the stress. Discover how to be flexible and choose the materials that work for you. Uncover the skills to paint expressively and with confidence. With over 13 years of experience painting with multiple mediums and teaching close to 1300 students I have developed teaching and learning styles around using art for de-stressing and having fun while painting.

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5 star rating

Definitely worth it!

Rashmi Yadav

I used this course as 'Mother & Son' time with my 7 year old during school holidays. It began as fun but I was impressed on how the course has been de...

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I used this course as 'Mother & Son' time with my 7 year old during school holidays. It began as fun but I was impressed on how the course has been designed with such simplicity that my son was highly motivated and found the techniques really easy to follow. Thank you Soma :) I think it is highly commendable that your course can be easily followed by kids as well as adults. You are definitely my go-to person for Art & Wellness ! Looking forward to more courses.

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4 star rating

Colour Mix

Jeanette Evans

What an experience this colour mixing course has been. I had some knowledge of mixing primary colours but had no idea about complementary colours and tones. ...

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What an experience this colour mixing course has been. I had some knowledge of mixing primary colours but had no idea about complementary colours and tones. It has opened up a whole new world of colour mixing fun. Having a limited time created some pressures but it was good as I remained focused and motivated. There was some confusion on my part regarding the time frame but I work better with a deadline. It also gave me a reality check regarding some basic technology like uploading my work. However, Soma was most encouraging and helpful throughout. She is a very experienced artist and passionate about teaching. My own artistic efforts have been enriched with this course and I am very proud of my whimsy owl and blue toned bird. Thanks very much Soma.

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In this course, you'll learn three easy ways to start painting as a way to find respite and/or overcome creative blocks. It is suitable for both absolute beginners to experienced artists. No experience needed other than the desire to create and attitude of curiosity.
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Founder - Tranquil Canvas

Senior Instructor

Soma Mandal Datta

I am a mixed media artist from Perth, Australia. Amongst the numerous roles I juggle from being a mother, online lecturer at University to artist and art teacher, it's the last two that provides me with the fuel to get through challenges in my other roles :). I teach traditional art forms but my passion lies in teaching people ways to find their happy place through art. Having transformed my own life through an intuitive painting approach (rooted in expressive arts in art therapy), I am now super-passionate about showing people on how to create their own transformations in life/thought patterns by applying the principles used in intuitive art. I hope these courses bring about positive transformations in your life and empower you with skills to nourish your well-being.

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  • What types of courses do you run? Is it suitable for beginners?

    Our courses range from acrylics, water colours, pastels to mixed-media for those who love to experiment with multiple art materials. The duration of courses also run from mini-courses of 2 weeks for beginners to more intensive 12 week flagship courses for those want to up-level their skills from the mini-courses. Prior skills are not essential at all. For more information

  • Where do I get the art materials required for this course?

    Almost all materials can be sourced from online or brick and mortar art supply stores and even school stationary shops. Courses also include recommended supplies list with links to online shops which may suit the needs of those who are unable to get to brick and mortar shops for any reason. I earn a small commission when you purchase using these links at no extra cost for you.

  • Do I need high speed internet? Will this run on tablets and mobile?

    High speed internet would be an advantage as there are a lot of videos, but it has all been configured to work on your tablets, ipads and mobile devices as well as on computers.

  • What is Intuitive Mixed-Media Painting? Who is it for?

    Intuitive mixed-media painting is painting without inhibitions. It's for those who want to find a much needed break and nourish their well-being through painting. It helps you uncover how to : See potential (in a mess of colours), Embrace the unexpectedness (of the techniques and process) and most importantly... 'Let go' (of old patterns and sections of the painting) to allow a new vibrant version to emerge. It's about enjoying the process of creation and not the end-product. The results are often vibrant colourful artworks that hold personal meaning. While it's not a structured process the techniques learnt here can be used to create more tangible structured creations such as journaling and abstract backgrounds for traditional art subjects. The possibilities are endless.

  • I can’t meditate or know how to relax? Will I still be able to learn this type of painting as I'd love to have a go??

    Of course – this isn’t a meditation class but one where you learn to incorporate positive mindset to create expressive artworks

  • I am only seeking to further my art skills - Do you have any course for me to learn specific techniques I can add to my skills?

    Yes! The flagship mixed media courses involves learning how to weave various layers of art materials into an original piece of artwork. Techniques will include resist, stencilling, blending with acrylics and drawing. This means you will have the opportunity learn about variety of art mediums, materials and techniques to make them work together.